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Had You Considered Getting Married on a Glacier?

... Or perhaps on a whale watching cruise, or in a kayak floating among the icebergs? Arranging a wedding in a spectacular setting is easy; Alaska law allows for a 'marriage commissioner' to officiate a wedding in Alaska. Your pilot, or boat captain or fishing guide - Any person you choose - can perform your wedding for you in Alaska. We are happy to assist you in planning your Alaska wedding as a part of your honeymoon package.

This practice is actually quite popular, and many people come to Alaska expressly for this purpose. We have assisted several of our guests with making these arrangements, and they are generally very easy to do, provided you allow for the necessary time to complete the paperwork.

We would love to assist you with your Alaska wedding plans. It is important to note that a wedding requires a little more planning than just the honeymoon, so please allow plenty of time to get all of the details together.

Flowers, champagne and wedding gifts on the tail of an air taxi on the slopes of Mt. McKinley

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