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"Our Alaska Honeymoon" by Alaska Vacation Store creates spectacular custom honeymoon and romantic getaway packages.

Not All Honeymoons Are Alike...

... and that is why we don't have pre-made honeymoon packages. Some couples prefer a very active and adventurous honeymoon, and others prefer a more quiet and private honeymoon. In fact, we can accommodate either extreme, and everything in between. The key to our great honeymoons is that we take the time to get to know the two of you, learn about your interests and preferences, and create a package that we feel is best suited to what you want. Our package creation process is collaborative, and you have the opportunity to tweak and adjust your honeymoon, and when we have it just the way you want it, we make all of the arrangements for you.

Couple standing next to their air taxi on Mt. McKinley.

Many of our guests have ideas and destinations in mind when they call us, and that is great! We have traveled all over Alaska, and we have our favorite destinations, inns and activities. If that is you, we can quickly put together a package that includes all of the items on your wish list. Other guests don't know that much about Alaska, and that is fine, too! We talk to you about your expectations for your honeymoon, and the kinds of activities and destinations you would like to include. We'll suggest some of our favorite destinations and activities, and find the right ones for the two of you.
After we get together with you by telephone, we put together your honeymoon package. You will receive your package by email, and it will include a detailed description, including things that you'll see and do as you travel through the state, possible side activities, plus descriptions of all of the scheduled activities and lodging. You'll also receive a detailed itinerary with photographs, dates and times and other information about your trip.

We try to be as thorough as possible, but there is always an unanswered question or two, and we take the time to go over the package day by day and answer your questions, and if you prefer different lodging, activities or destinations, we can make those changes for you. Once we get all of the details just the way


View of The Inn at Tern Lake. Spectacular views of the Kenai Mountains and an outdoor hot tub are among the many amenities here.

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